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Melinda Adair
Chief Shenaniganizer

Present obsolete techniques of teaching is going to be superseded with a scientific pedagogy. Career education shouldn’t be viewed separately from the entire curriculum. Special education is a vital element of the whole academic venture, not a single purchase. Under suitable conditions, education within the normal school environment can give the ideal prospect for the vast majority of children with exceptionalities.

any event, special needs students will arrive in touch with a teacher who’s trained in schooling. Although most pupils with special needs are assured their right to public education together with their peers, they haven’t been likewise ensured of the chance to finish their schooling, graduate, and get a diploma representing their https://www.affordable-papers.net/. Special education teachers select suitable lodging depending on the demands of individual students. Faculties will also appear at how they create progress in certain particular measures, like educating English learners. Every college must provide the type of disciplined environment which makes it feasible for our children to learn. Specifies that charter schools will get early childhood education financing at the specific same moment as the district where the charter school is situated.

Student mental health problems are among the most critical healthcare needs in the country. It is important to keep in mind that the dilemma of solitary confinement was in many ways made by bad political direction. Needless to say, there is still a very long way to see repair the problem. There were also important difficulties with food.

The varied perspectives and experiences ignited a passion in me to seek the story in people. Aside from faith, people are indeed the grandest adventure. Unique. Strong. Beautiful. Each person is a treasure and has a powerful story to share. Some stories are darker or more heart-breaking than others but each one matters. Each soul matters.

When I married my love, Cliff, it felt very normal and natural for me to immediately to plan events, cook for holidays and invite over dinner guests- many that I hardly knew. I soon discovered that my style of cooking is much like my style of hospitality; far outside the safety of a recipe card or exact instructions – zesty and fun with a twist of unexpected. And it works! Well, at least 99% of the time…

Fast forward 22 years – Cliff and I now have three amazing and rascally teenage boys and are still good friends with or in touch with many of our friends from the newlywed years in addition to the heady concoction of friends we’ve made since. I’ve now hosted or planned well over 125 events including holiday dinners and parties, wine tastings, murder mystery dinners, potlucks, book clubs, book studies, wine tours, monthly ladies’ nights, neighborhood bunco, home-based business parties, and networking events. These are in addition to non-profit fundraisers, team training events, weekend retreats and conferences. While I enjoy a coffee date with a good friend I feel most alive when hosting events. The laughter in the air, positive energy, delicious food and mingling of new and old friends thrills me like nothing else.

I live out wanderlust – the excitement to seek and savor adventure – in my relationships. I’m surrounded with beautiful people in my life who enhance my days with color and encourage and bring joy to my heart. No relationship is without challenge and growth but each one is worth the effort, risk and love – just like anything else worth having. My desire is to empower others to live this same friendship reality in a society where over half of us are lonely.* We need each other. We need close friends. And this is why I started The Friendship Revolution.

Fascination Advantage
Innovation + Passion = The Rockstar

*CBS News – Many Americans are Lonely… (May 3, 2018)

*Fortune.com – Study Finds that Half of Americans…

*Psychology Today – The 2 Reasons Why People are Becoming Lonelier (Feb 23, 2017)

Trust me, there’s so much more…


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John Price III

Bossy Big Brother

Bossy? Not me – I just make strong suggestions, frequently!

(See my Fascination Advantage below!)

I thrive on being presented with challenges and trying to find creative ways to work through them, be it for business or fitting a square peg in a round hole. I’m an eternal learner, especially as relates to marketing and business…it’s a thing for me.

I’m not all geek though, I absolutely love participating in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, cooking, watching movies, traveling, finding great dining experiences, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. You’ll often find me snuggling with my two adorable little Chihuahua furkids, Momo and Mimi.

Fascination Advantage: Passion + Innovation = The Catalyst


Bonnie Bennett

Cat Wrangler & Wordsmith

I am an introvert who loves to stay home with her 5 cats and 4 chickens (yes, I’m one of those people). I have home schooled both of my children since kindergarten and now I am in the final year of homeschooling. I am definitely way too young to almost be an empty-nester. I’m also too young to have been married 25 years, but when I hear myself, I realize those are old people things to say, so it must be true that I’m old.

I love to craft. If it involves pretty paper or shiny stickers or drapey fabric, I’m game. I also love old books. I keep an Ebay store where I sell books so I can earn money to buy more books. It might be a sickness or something. I enjoy decorating my home for the seasons, especially Autumn. I may be too introverted to have people over very often, but the house will look good if a miracle should happen.

Fascination Advantage: Trust + Mystique = The Anchor


Victoria Barsa Design Unicorn

My passion for people led me to acquire extensive work experience through retail, sales, customer service, account management, bedside Nursing, Healthcare administration management (billing, clinic supervising), and patient care. I took a major leap of faith in September, 2017. It was placed upon my heart through a dream, to create a business using my creativity to customize and enhance memories for others. I am now the founder/CEO of my custom design and screen printing business, ITSyou Apparel and Design, LLC, located in Kennewick, WA.

I enjoy being outside in the sunlight and active, whether it is running, hiking, cycling, etc. I also enjoy to crafting such as crochet, painting, and scrapbooking. NFL football is near and dear to my heart. Those close to me consider me to be somewhat of a Renaissance woman.

Fascination Advantage: Passion + Trust = The Beloved


Maria Bultena Online Mingler & Tech Head

I am a wife, mother of two girls and mom to two boxer dogs. I enjoy fishing, coding, and playing video games. During the week, I can usually be found harassing other TFR team members at my girls’ school where a few of us TFR team members love ‘adulting’ together for paychecks.

I teach coding classes for elementary and middle school students and enjoy having the opportunity to create fun unique apps and games with the kids which is right up my alley. I’m involved in the school’s PTO and volunteer in my church’s nursery with my girls.

While I’m usually quiet and reserved, I tend to get a bit sassy and competitive in my Fantasy Football league. My close friends would describe me as passionate and loyal. I would agree.

Fascination Advantage: Trust + Mystique = The Anchor