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 Find a group of people that challenge and inspire you. Spend a lot of time with them and
it will change your life
Tina Fey


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The Party of 8 activities took us outside our comfort zones but in a very natural way. Learning new things about other women was refreshing and friendships began as a result. At one of the gatherings, we played a game where all of us wrote down 3 unusual facts or things about ourselves. We then each picked one from a bowl and read it out loud. We all took turns naming the person we thought the unusual fact belonged to. It was hilarious! I played with 2 friends I’ve known for for 20+ years and we still surprised each other!!

Aimee Belding

I highly recommend using Party of 8 Box to jumpstart relationships and help develop closer friendships.

Aimee Belding

The activities were so fun and “out of the box”!

Andrea Couch

I wanted to form a tribe friends that blended long-time friends with newer friends. Party of 8 box helped me do just that! I brought them all together for P8 parties and outings and they connected, exchanging contact info and planned activities together! I also had a great time deepening my friendships with each of them. The activities were so fun and “out of the box”! When the quarter ended we had shared some mazing memories together. I enjoyed being the host and I felt very special as a member of P8!

Andrea Couch,

Time with friends often falls through the cracks. We need a support system and P8 makes it easy to plan and execute friendship-building events.

Noelle Wilson,

What You’ll Receive as a Party of 8 Member:

  • You’ll receive a quarterly box with some of our hosting resources already printed and ready for you such as easy instructions on who to invite, how to invite, and how to increase your guest attendance! We also provide simple hosting tips and checklists. We may also include some swag, doorprizes, and/or gifts from sponsors. (Value $100+)

  • Not only do the fun activities change each month (and yes, they’re adaptable based on your needs and wants), but we change themes every quarter! You save moolah when you become a long-term member (6 mo. and 12 mo. memberships available) AND you and your friends get to experience a wide variety of activities. We are dedicated to making the next 12 months (or more) epic for you, your current friends, and your future friends! (Save $300+ off the monthly rate when you choose long-term memberships!)
  • You’ll have access to our exclusive members-only mingle group on FaceBook. This is a safe place to ask questions, share ideas, address concerns, participate in group challenges (yes, we have prizes!) and build friendships with other P8 hosts! (Value: $300)
  • You’ll have 6 opportunities each quarter to engage in LIVE discussions with Melinda Adair. Bring your questions, hesitations, your wins and your challenges to these live discussions. (Value $500+)
  • Each quarter, we bring the experts to YOU through interviews, video segments or P8 partnerships. The topics? Hospitality tips, decorating hacks, cooking resources, friendship tips or other topics YOU, our members, want to know more about! Yep. That’s right – we adapt to YOUR needs! We’ll say it again – instead of you paying for classes or lessons from professionals, we provide this FOR you!) (Value $600)


This box is for anyone who is wanting to build closer friendships (we won’t turn anyone away!) but specifically for ladies who find themselves in a season of life where they are craving deeper connection and community with others while making awesome memories through laughter and fun.
This membership is a true friendship-based experience with online resourcing, coaching, printables, and other online surprises! The quarterly box includes checklists, activity planners, door prizes, and a piece of swag. Themes and activities change every quarter  to keep you and your friends excited for the next round!

It’s okay! We’re here to help you identify and work towards closer friendships with people you may not be friends with yet. Your party or ‘gathering’ may include 3, 4, 7 or 12 people!
That’s totally fine! Our materials are here for YOU to build stronger friendships on whatever level you are needing or wanting!
The P8 Winter Box ships early January but the online community begins building MUCH sooner! The quarterly boxes ship the first month of each quarter (Jan, April, July, October).
The memberships are quarterly because we build on the concepts and activites of the prior month which is why 6 and 12 month memberships are most ideal! Monthly memberships wouldn’t work for this style of membership.
The Continental U.S. only at this time.

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Well, hello!

I’m Melinda Adair and I love PEOPLE! I love connecting with people, hearing their stories, helping them when possible, and watching them connect with others! I am all about hospitality – bringing people together- for laughter, food, games, and memory-making. There is no thrill like throwing down a fun event where people mingle and laugh.

I also find tremendous joy in encouraging people towards growing into being the most amazing versions of themselves! We most often become our best version within the setting of relationships as we learn about others we learn about ourselves. We also have more opportunity to build trust, depth and soulful connection as we encourage each other through the tough times and celebrate each other’s victories when things are going well! I guide countless conversations about friendships and relationships in our private group on FaceBook and invite you to join us!

We all go through seasons in life – moving, losses of loved ones, celebrating milestones, learning new lifestyle habits and hobbies, etc. It’s so important to have or build a tribe of people who love you for who you are, who can be strong for you in your struggles and who are ready to celebrate your wins. And vice-versa! We all need people. No man is an island. The heart of The Friendship Revolution is to bring people together so we can be better, stronger, and healthier together.

While I have a lot of fun producing materials for The Friendship Revolution and The Party of 8 box Subscription, I always keep the content safe for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. You’ll never have to worry about your kids or grandmother overhearing inappropriate content in one of our videos or by reading our printed content. We not only love you, we love your family too!

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